Ministry to provide safety gear for science lab

by March 1st, 2018

Principal of Mona High, Kevin Jones says although wearing safety gear has always been a school policy it will now be mandatory for persons using the science lab to wear them.

The decision for mandatory safety wear was made at a recent meeting with Education Ministry Representatives.

It comes in the wake of an explosion at the lab at the school last week, which left a teacher and some students injured.

A few of the injured persons had to undergo emergency surgery to remove glass shards from their eyes.

Mr Jones says the school will acquire the safety gear such as goggles and coats through funding from the ministry.

He says normal operations have resumed at the science lab.

Principal of Mona High, Kevin Jones.

He says the affected students should be able to return to school within another week.

In light of the incident, the matter of wearing safety gear will now be a focus of schools island-wide.

Mr. Jones says the mandatory wearing of safety gear will be standardized across all schools.

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