FLA Calls on Public to Provide Information on Firearm Holders

by July 28th, 2017

The Firearm Licensing Authority FLA has called on the public to provide information on firearm holders in a bid to strengthen its review of fit and proper requirements.

The call follows reports in other media yesterday that the FLA has approved licenses for persons with questionable connections.

In a statement last evening FLA Chief Executive Officer Shane Dalling says he has taken note of the media reports on issues surrounding matters of national security, public safety and privacy of individual applicants.

Mr Dalling says the FLA treats all matters concerning firearms and applications very seriously and with the strictest of confidence.

He says whenever an application is received several background checks are carried out on the applicant and certain security clearance must be received.

As part of the due diligence process, the police are always contacted and highly confidential information is received from time to time.

He says the FLA considers that information highly sensitive and same is not shared with the public.

He says the FLA constantly reviews its processes and updates its information system and intelligence gathering on gun holders and applicants alike.

As such, the FLA continuously reviews, investigates and gathers intelligence from the police and the public at large, in order to the guide decision making process. Therefore a license firearm holder is constantly under review.

Mr Dalling says in keeping with the thrust for accountability and transparency, the FLA has embarked on an enforcement drive to ensure that it can account for all firearms and their holders.

This drive has resulted in firearms that were not previously registered on the database or ballistically tested, now being captured.

He says it is the FLA’s policy not to speak publicly on individual applicants or gun holders case, based on the need to protect the privacy and security of the individual.

However, the FLA welcomes information from the public on gun holders, so as to assist in the continuous review process of the holders fit and proper criteria.

Mr Dalling is urging members of the public and the media, to provide the FLA with any information deemed pertinent to assist in strengthening its systems and processes.



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