FLA revokes over 100 licences

by July 13th, 2018

The Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA) says almost one hundred firearm licences have been revoked so far this year, with hundreds more being prepared for revocation.

And more than seven firearm licences of persons connected to an on-going probe in Manchester have been revoked.

The Firearm Licensing Authority, has also revoked the dealer licence, licence for the ammunition dealership, and the range of a firearm dealership in Manchester.

This, after adverse intelligence reports were received from Moca and the National Intelligence Branch on the activities of persons in Manchester.

Chief Executive Office of the FLA, Shane Dalling, says the investigation arose out of several unusually high requests for ammunition, from nine persons in the parish in January.

More than one hundred and eight rounds of ammunition were requested within a month, under the guise that the nine persons were to travel for a competition overseas.

Mr. Dalling says the probe unearthed that several of the persons did not have visas to travel overseas, as was indicated.

The FLA Chief Executive Officer says, an audit of the dealership was conducted, and 40,000 rounds were found.

He points out, that although documentation for the sale of the ammunition was presented, the persons who were supposed to have bought the ammunition told the FLA, that they never paid for the rounds.

He noted that the FLA continues to monitor and track the activities of firearm holders.

There are 23 firearm dealerships across the country; 12 that sell firearms and ammunition, and 11 dealerships which sell ammunition alone.

In the meantime, the Firearm Licensing Authority has implemented a raft of accountability measures, to control the flow of firearms and ammunition, across the country.

The FLA says it was found that firearm dealerships restricted to selling firearms only, were selling any amount of ammunition over the counter, without any authorization from the FLA.

The agency is conducting an analysis of the number of ammunition coming into the country and the allocation to each dealership.

Chief Executive Officer at the FLA Shane Dalling says these incidents have resulted in the authority implementing several measures to include preauthorization from the authority.

He says before a firearm licence is issued, the scope of investigations will now run very deep into a person’s character.

Mr. Dalling says the FLA is also working with the police as there is a suspicion that ammunition from the legal trade, may be going into the illicit trade.


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