Govt. provides security for mother of slain Arnett Gardens teen

by August 8th, 2017

The government has stepped in to provide security for the mother of the 17-year-old girl who was shot and killed while asleep in Arnett Gardens, Kingston on Sunday.

The woman’s 12 year-old girl was shot and wounded in the incident.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness visited the community to offer support to the girl’s mother today (Aug 8).

He says the incident represents one of the vilest attacks on young women, adding that the community must be unified in the effort against crime and violence.

He adds that the government is providing security for the distraught mother.

The Ministry of Labour and Social security and professional counselling services have been tasked to provide assistance.

He has called on the police to spare no effort in investigating young Micholle’s death.

The Prime Minister called on the members of the community to tell what they know and to cooperate with the police in bringing the perpetrators to justice.

And, the mother of the 17 year old girl, killed in Arnett gardens at the weekend has been relocated.

Head of Area 4, ACP Ronald Anderson says the mother was relocated today for her safety.

He says the mother was relocated due to unfavourable comments made regarding the reason for the killing of the 17 year old.

Meanwhile, Police Commissioner George Quallo tweeted today that the “police do not have any facts to support sexual assault or threat in the unfortunate murder of young Micholle Moulton”.

The tweet from the commissioner followed media reports that the girls were attacked because they resisted the sexual advances of men in the community.

The tweet added “let’s accord her respect”.

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