Insports Chairman Newton Amos hails BMR Energy/CEBF Goodwill Baseball Visit to Jamaica

by February 5th, 2019

The recent BMR Energy/CEBF Goodwill Baseball Visit to Jamaica has the potential to transcend beyond the island’s shores, contends Newton Amos, chairman of the Institute of Sports (INSPORTS) .  

“From a cultural perspective, despite baseball not being commonly featured on our sporting calendar, INSPORTS, because of its strategic role, readily accept the inclusion of baseball which will no doubt help to foster and enhance sport here in Jamaica and the Caribbean,” said Amos in delivering the official welcome during the event’s media briefing of a four-day trip organized by the Caribbean Educational and Baseball Foundation, a non-profit organization in the United States of America and financed by BMR Jamaica Wind Limited, a Jamaica-based US renewable energy firm.

“This initiative, I believe, will also enhance the building of relationships individually and collectively that transcend beyond our borders.”

The visit represents another attempt by a foreign entity to give life support to the fledging sport of baseball in Jamaica in light of the island’s natural athletic prowess.

As part of the visit, which include Jamaican-born former Major League Baseball (MLB) player Justin Masterson, over 150 children, 12 years old and under, were exposed to the fundamentals of playing the game.

A total of $1 million worth of baseball equipment were issued by the organizers at three clinics held last Friday at National Stadium East and GC Foster College and then the following day at Treasure Beach.

The decision by BMR Energy and the CEBF to seek the assistance of the Institute of Sports to facilitate the clinics and equipment donation is a sign of a partnership that could be mutually beneficial over the long haul, the INSPORTS chairman said.

“We are looking forward to the days and weeks ahead to continue and expand this programme which will enable us to arrive at a determination as to the final details of our partnership,” Amos told the gathering including representatives from the US Embassy in Jamaica and the American Chamber of Commerce president Allison Peart who also gave ringing endorsements of the initiative.

“Rest assured, though, that the Institute of Sports, who has an impartial mandate, will play its part to support such an endeavour, which if harness properly will reap immense success for our people and country,” he added.

“Once again my Board and I welcome you all and hope for a successful programme that will bring about lasting friendship of mutual benefit for the sport of baseball and the people of Jamaica.”

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