JLP celebrates second anniversary as Government

by February 25th, 2018

The Jamaica Labour Party is celebrating today (Feb 25) its second anniversary as the country’s government since the February 25, 2016 General Election win, by a slim margin.

But the observance has not escaped the attention of the Opposition PNP which has called into question the government’s accomplishments at this milestone.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness and other JLP members have been tweeting: “On this day, 2 years ago, the people of Jamaica voted for a change. They voted to be able to hope again. They voted for a share in the prosperity. My government has and will continue to work with and for the people of Jamaica”.

Mr. Holness also posted a video, with another tweet that the JLP administration has implemented key strategies to fulfill its mandate of economic growth and job creation.

He says the achievements have been numerous and widespread, and that Jamaica is well on its way along the path of prosperity.

Over on the official PNP Twitter page, postings have chastised the JLP government for making promises and not keeping them, including the promises of fixed elections, referendum on the Caribbean Court of Justice, and corruption prevention.

The PNP also posted a video in which the party claims that Jamaica suffered 2 years of hard labour under the JLP administration.

In a response tweet, JLP member Robert Morgan chastised the PNP for ascribing a negative connotation to labour pains, saying it demonstrates the PNP’s promotion of patriarchy and demonizes women.

Meantime, political analyst Linton Gordon says on the second anniversary of the JLP government, the party has an equal share of accomplishments and failures.

The Jamaica Labour Party took over government on February 25, 2016 with a slim seat majority.

Mr. Gordon says among the accomplishments is the continuation of the economic programme from the previous PNP administration.

On other hand, Mr. Gordon pointed to the health sector and national security, as areas that the JLP administration failed.


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