JPS customers could start paying government utility as part of personal light bills-Shaw

by February 28th, 2018

The government is examining a number of options to pay for street lights including having JPS customers pay for the utility as part of their light bills.

Speaking at the Standing Finance Committee meeting this afternoon (Fe 28) Finance Minister Audley Shaw stated that the bill for street light is between $7 &8 billion.

Mr. Shaw noted that although the government is moving to settle the outstanding balance, government is working on a plan to address large utility bills.

Finance Minister, Audley Shaw.

In the meantime, Opposition Spokesman on Finance, Mark Golding advised the government to clear the bill in short order, as it can affect the way JPS carries out its duties.

He said there are many communities without functional street lights and residents need the lights when they go to work early in the mornings and return late at nights.

Mr. Golding noted that although JPS receives the reports, the response is not swift.

Opposition Spokesman on Finance, Mark Golding.

However, Mr. Shaw stated that this should not be the response because the contract between the government and the utility company remains in place.

Finance Minister Audley Shaw.

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