MAJ joins call for journalists to be exempted from Data Protection Act

by February 27th, 2018

The Media Association of Jamaica has joined the call for journalists to be exempted from the Data Protection Act.

The MAJ made a submission before a joint select committee of parliament, outlining a number of concerns with the bill, which seeks to among other things secure the confidentiality of personal data and provides for rights of individuals to   access the information.

MAJ Chairman Christopher Barnes told the committee that the current draft raises major concerns for the business of media and concerns with respect to freedom of the press

He raised concerns about the definition of personal data.

Mr. Barnes said the business of media would be devastated by the act in its current form.

Another area of concern relates to registration particulars.

And, member of the joint select committee on data protection, Mark Golding notes that important considerations arise relating press freedom and freedom of expression as it relates to the bill.

Meanwhile, committee Chair, Dr. Andrew Wheatley says it was not the intent to pass a bill which infringes on press freedom and freedom of expression.




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