National Heroes/Freedom Fighters Bill Passed

by October 18th, 2017

Jamaica is one step closer to clearing the records of certain national heroes from criminal liability.

An act to absolve the national heroes namely Sam Sharpe, George William Gordon, Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Paul Bogle their supporters, sympathisers and participants by association and other freedom fighters from criminal liability was passed in parliament yesterday with full support from both sides of the house.

The national heroes were criminalized for their participation in the 1760 Tacky’s or St Mary rebellion, the 1831 to 1832 Christmas rebellion, the 1865 Morant Bay rebellion and the 1929 campaign of the People’s Political Party respectively.

Culture Minister Olivia Grange, who piloted the bill, said its passage is a demonstration that history can be rewritten.


Culture Minister Olivia Grange

For his part, Leader of Opposition Business Phillip Paulwell said it is time to look at the whole period of slavery to declare it illegal and unlawful.

He said this declaration will clear the way for advancing the reparation agenda.


Leader of Opposition Business, Phillip Paulwell

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