No area declared as special operation zone as yet

by July 20th, 2017

Although the special zones of operations law is now in effect, a special zone has not yet been declared.

The new law is another measure being used by government to fight the high crime rate.

Head of the Constabulary Communication Unit, Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, says the JCF is not aware of when a zone will be declared, however zone commanders were trained over the last three days.

The law gives the Prime Minister, on the advice of the National Security Council, the authority to declare any high crime area of Jamaica, a zone for special security operations and community development measures.

Superintendent Lindsay says, training of additional persons is ongoing.

Several stakeholders to include the public defender, the first batch of about 280 officers who have been trained for the special zones, humans rights group, and Indecom, met yesterday to discuss issues surrounding the zones of special operations.

Superintendent Lindsay says the participants went through the provisions of the law, what is required, and extensive human rights and use of force issues.

She says media and communication policies have been developed to manage the information coming out of the special zones.

Superintendent Lindsay adds that journalists will have to be accredited for security reasons, to ensure that while they work, they are not put at unnecessary risk, and will not compromise the integrity of the operations.

In the meantime, the security forces have had an opportunity to speak with the Independent Commission of Investigations (Indecom) about their own concerns regarding their rights in carrying out their duties.

Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay says Commissioner of Indecom Terrence Williams was present at yesterday’s meeting.

She is reminding the public that there is no intention to abuse the rights of citizens and that there is a social intervention component that will benefit residents.

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