Nurses deserve special consideration!-Horace Dalley

by July 25th, 2017

Opposition Spokesman on Health, Horace Dalley is urging the government to move swiftly to put in place adequate transportation for the nation’s nurses, especially for those working in crime-prone areas, such as Downtown Kingston, Spanish Town and sections of Montego Bay.

Mr. Dalley says the government has made several promises to the nurses over the negotiating period, to consider special transportation arrangement for these essential services providers, but to date, there has been no movement in satisfying the promise.

The opposition spokesman adds that with crime in some of these areas at crisis levels, leaving nurses at the mercy of public transportation, especially during the most vulnerable periods of day break and night fall, is of serious concern.

He says the nurses deserve special consideration.

Mr. Dalley is urging the government to implement the 2015- 2017 Wage Agreement with the nurses, which was signed by the previous administration, and included the purchase of coaster bus to ease the transportation burden of the nurses.

He states that the ministry of finance must proceed with the procurement of the bus for these nurses and avoid an industrial anxiety, which would not be beneficial.

Mr. Dalley says that nurses ought to be given similar consideration as other civil servants, who are accommodated by government with the provision of a transportation fleet along safe corridors to and from work.

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