Ombudsman meets with PNP, JLP officials about vandalism & violence in SE St Mary

by October 21st, 2017

Political Ombudsman Donna Parchment Brown says several issues were raised and resolutions made during a meeting yesterday (Oct 20) with representatives of the 2 main political parties vying for the St. Mary South East seat.

This in the wake of concerns from the Jamaica Labour Party and the Peoples National Party, about vandalism and violence, as well as allegations of vote buying.

In a statement, Mrs. Parchment Brown outlined 5 areas which were discussed.

These include; campaign materials; violence involving chopping and discharge of firearms; defacement of public and private infrastructure; smear campaign; public works and goods distribution.

PNP General Secretary Julian Robinson says both parties agreed to encourage supporters to desist from vandalizing campaign material.

He adds that on the issue of bushing works being carried out in the Bellfied Division without the knowledge of the councillor, the Ombudsman noted that this did not comply with normal practice.

Meantime, JLP General Secretary Dr. Horace Chang says both parties have condemned any action which threatens public safety and the freedom to conduct and participate in a good campaign.

He says the JLP will issue a statement next week, on other matters brought up in yesterday’s meeting.

The Political Ombudsman also indicated that both parties have agreed to have corrected by tomorrow, some roadways, walls and a bridge which have been defaced with party colours.

Additionally, it was agreed that the JLP would discourage its supporters from making statements that are considered harmful to the PNP candidate.

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