Opp. Senators not satisfied with Govt. response regarding sand mining at Duncans Bay

by November 3rd, 2017

Opposition Senator K. D. Knight has called into question, the validity of the reasons given by the Office of the Prime Minister, to grant permission for a development company to mine sand from Duncan’s Bay.

The matter has been a sore point for environmentalists and residents of Duncan’s Bay in Trelawny.

Among the concerns, is that the proposed sand mining site is a turtle nesting area.

The National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) had at first refused to grant the permit, but this decision was reversed in July, by the Prime Minister.

Opposition Senator Sophia Fraser Binns, tabled questions on the matter in parliament, and the responses were given today (Nov 3) by Information Minister, Senator Ruel Reid.

Mr. Reid mentioned that a report from the Mines and Geology Division was submitted, after the appeal for the reversal of NEPA’s ruling was made.

K D Knight questioned why the report from the Mines and Geology Division was not available before.

He says the information provided by Reid is not adding up.

Senator Reid asked Senator Knight to table his questions, so that he can get the responses from the relevant minister.

He indicated that the minister responsible for Land Environment and Investment is the person who heard the appeal brought by a development company, seeking to mine sand from Duncan’s Bay in Trelawny.

Mr. Reid said the decision to overturn NEPA’s refusal was due to new information provided in a report from the Mines and Geology Division.

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