Plan to improve discipline and performance at Anchovy High School being developed

by November 1st, 2017

A directive has been given for the development of a strategic plan to improve discipline and performance at the Anchovy High School in St James.

Classes were suspended for three grades yesterday, following several incidents at the school in recent times.

The latest incident which was captured on video, showed female students fighting, and they also set-upon the dean of discipline when he attempted to intervene.

Education Minister, Ruel Reid said Chief Education Officer, Dr Grace Mclean has been tasked with developing the strategic plan

Speaking at this morning’s Post Cabinet Press Briefing, Mr Reid said the ministry will bring all the necessary support needed to anchovy high to have the matter resolved.


He said the happenings at anchovy high stem from a wider breakdown of discipline in the society.

Mr Reid added that proper parenting is necessary to properly socialize children to have self control and self discipline.

When asked, if he was in support of the  school’s  move to suspend classes for  grades 9 to 11, despite the infraction of a few, the education minister said it’s the school’s prerogative to operate within the law, and under regulations.


Mr Reid said according to the report he received into the matter, the incident stemmed from  management and  accountability issues.

He says from the preliminary information it was not a resource issue.

He says more will be said on the issue once the full evaluation assessment and the development plan   are completed.


Information and Education Minister Ruel Reid

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