Police maintain strong presence in West Kingston following shooting incident

by July 19th, 2017

The police continue to maintain a strong presence in the West Kingston area after gang warfare between men from Denham Town and Tivoli Gardens resulted in the Denham Town Police Station being shot up.

Head of the Constabulary Communication Unit, Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay says contrary to other reports, the station did not come under direct attack.

She explains that the situation developed on Monday when two men were shot and wounded which fuelled conflict between the 2 communities.

It escalated on Tuesday night when groups of persons from both communities confronted each other.

The police intervened and also called for support from the JDF.

Superintendent Lindsay says, when the security forces intervened to quell the dispute the persons in the communities then turned on the police and soldiers, and it was during this time, that some of the bullets hit the Denham Town Police Station.

She says while the area remains tense the security forces remain vigilant as the gangs tend to use the cover of night and the May Pen Cemetery, to carry-out their attacks.


She says no officer was wounded in the incident.


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