Police/Military in Kingston East/St Andrew South Due to Gang Flare Up

by August 8th, 2017

Residents in sections of Kingston East and St Andrew South continue to grapple with gang violence, even as police and the military try to maintain order.

Late last week, seven people were shot, two fatally in separate incidents in the St Andrew South area.

The police swooped down on two East Kingston communities last week as a result of violence between warring factions, which resulted in the shooting of two men, one fatally.

Speaking with IRIE FM NEWS Commanding officer for St Andrew South, Superintendent Authur Brown says the police have conducted a number of operations in the area as the police are continuing to maintain a presence in the area.

He says the police are targeting a number of suspects in relation the incidents that have taken place.

Superintendent Brown says the police recovered a shotgun with two twelve gauge cartridges during an operation in the Payne Land Avenue area on Saturday.

He says despite the police not making any arrests in light of the recent flare up, the police are maintaining a strong presence in the community to bring back stability to the troubled community.

In the meantime, Acting Commander for Kingston Eastern Deputy Superintendent Rory Martin says a conflict continues between thugs from Oliver Road, Rockfort, Jarrett Lane, Saunders Avenue in the Mountain View police area.

DSP Martin says the police believe that the shooting death of 20-year-old Peter White in Jarrett Lane yesterday was done in retaliation of the killing twenty-year- old Angel Henry last week Wednesday.

He is assuring residents the police is doing all they can to restore order and is making appeal for information.


Acting Commander for Kingston Eastern Deputy Superintendent Rory Martin





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