Quallo assures that an investigation will be conducted into Gully Road Shooting

by January 12th, 2018

Police Commissioner George Quallo is assuring residents of Gully Road Boscobel St Mary that a thorough investigation will be carried out into the death of 45 year old shop keeper David McLean.

McLean was fatally shot during a police operation last night.

His death sparked a major protest that left motorists and commuters stranded for hours this morning.

The roads were cleared after the intervention of Member of Parliament Robert Montague. He was accompanied to the area by the police chief.

The major protest on a thoroughfare close to a hotel and an airport was sufficient to get the attention of Member of Parliament and Minister of National Security Robert Montague and Police Commissioner George Quallo.  Members of the army were also called to the area.

Mr. Montague left a three day Cabinet Retreat in Kingston and was accompanied by the police commissioner to the west St. Mary community. They were met by residents angered by fatal shooting of a man many in the community had high praises for.

Police led by Area 2 Commanders ACP Norman Heywood had tried to calm residents and get them to clear the roads but to no avail as they wanted the MP to come to the area.

The resistance of the residents led to traffic backing up on the Boscobel Main Road, from just before the Beaches Boscobel Hotel to close to the Ian Flemming Airport. For about hours no vehicle could pass as old appliances, stones, debris and garbage from a skip that was overturned in the road lined the major thoroughfare.

Many commuters among them students resorted to walking to get to their destination.

Residents sat on the blockades in the middle of the road, complaining about the action of the police in the shooting incident and also the cops’ response to the protestors.

One resident in calling for justice told Irie F-M News that Mclean whom everyone called blessed was a guardian to residents.

Residents of Gully Road Boscobel.

Meantime Mr. Montague explained why he left cabinet retreat to speak with the protesting residents.

He says counseling is being offered to the family and residents

Member of Parliament for Western St Mary Robert Montague.

The roadway was cleared sometime after midday by police after the MP spoke with the residents.

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