Questions raised about Nesol’s Operations Engineer Lawrence Pommels

by July 18th, 2018

Questions have been raised about the rationale behind the job promotion and signing authority of the operations engineer, at the National Energy Solutions Limited (Nesol), Lawrence Pommels.

Parliament’s Public Administration and Appropriations Committee (PAAC) today sought to get more answers about operations at Nesol.

PAAC member Fitz Jackson asked Nesol’s Chief Engineer, Anthony Brown, to explain the circumstances surrounding his job status, after he resumed work at the end of his vacation leave.

It was revealed that Mr. Pommells was made a signing officer, when he was acting for Brown, and upon Brown’s return, he continued as the signing officer.

While responding to questions from Jackson, Mr. Brown revealed that Mr. Pommells – a technician- was elevated to act as chief engineer, over three other more qualified engineers at Nesol.

It was also revealed, that Mr. Pommells current post, as operations engineer, was a recently created position.


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