Rejected again: JTA shoots down 16% wage offer

by March 3rd, 2018

Delegates of the Jamaica Teachers Association (JTA) have rejected governments latest wage offer of a 16 percent wage increase on basic salaries.

They also voted to reject the proposal of a negotiation cycle of 4 years instead of the current 2 year cycle.

The decision to reject the offer was made during today’s special council meeting in Kingston.

Some JTA members lamented that while they understood the IMF conditionalities under which the government is operating, the offer lacked substance and did not impact the majority of their colleagues and had to be rejected.

Close to 700 teachers were in attendance at the session; of that number, 352 delegates voted.

JTA President Georgia Waugh Richards says over 300 delegates voted against the offer.

Mrs. Waugh Richards told the attendees that the association will remain strong and resolute in its handling of business on the teachers’ behalf.

She says there will be no change in the JTA’s stance.

The JTA is expected to formally communicate the teachers’ rejection to the government next week.


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