US authorities provide proof of El Faisal’s involvement in terrorism

by October 27th, 2017

The United States government has submitted to the Jamaican authorities evidence which reportedly links Jamaican cleric sheikh Abdullah El Faisal to terrorism.

This evidence collected by authorities in the United States supports their request for his extradition.

53-year-old El Faisal, was born Trevor William Forrest, in Westmoreland.

He was arrested in August, on an extradition warrant from the US, on two counts of soliciting or providing for an act of terrorism, and two counts of attempted soliciting or providing for an act of terrorism.

Senior Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Jeremy Taylor today (Oct 27) disclosed that the evidence against the cleric has been submitted to his attorneys.

As a result, extradition proceedings against him are scheduled to commence on December 14, in the St. Andrew parish court.

US authorities say they have evidence that El Faisal used various social media websites to recruit persons around the world, including undercover police officers in New York, to join the militant group ISIS.

In 2007, he was expelled from Britain after serving a jail term for inciting racial hatred and urging his followers to murder Jews, Hindus, Christians and Americans.

The cleric was deported to Jamaica from Kenya in January 2010.

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