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Montego-Bay Metro drivers remain restive over salary issues
Drivers of the government owned bus company, Montego Bay Metro, remain restive due to ongoing salary issues. The workers who have been
TODSS criticizes government for not holding public consultations about New Road Traffic Act
One taxi group has criticized the government for not holding public consultations about the New Road Traffic Act, especially amid
Man believed to be key suspect in Heart NSTA fraud nabbed at NMIA
A man described as a key suspect, in the multi million dollar fraud, at Heart NSTA, was arrested at the airport Norman Manley Airport
Over $100M allocated for judgement debt returned to consolidated fund, due to unsettled matters
Despite paying out $530 million dollars in judgement debt, the government says some of the money allocated in the budget for debt
Government removes Common External Tariff from fish feed to boost aquaculture
In a bid to boost productivity in aquaculture, the government has removed the Common External Tariff, CET, from fish feed. The
KSAMC steps up enforcement against construction on Sundays
The Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation, (KSAMC), has stepped up its enforcement, of the no construction on Sundays
Price of Newport Fersan fertilizer to decrease by 22%
Effective Wednesday, the cost of fertilizer, supplied by Newport Fersan will see a 22 percent reduction. This was announced by
MOH settles minimum wage negotiations with 50% of security firms
The government has settled minimum wage negotiations with 50% of the security firms contracted by the Ministry of Health. Permanent
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