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Attorney questions DPP’s ruling in Nzinga King case
In the wake of a report from the Public Defender, who found that the constitutional rights of Rastafarian Nzinga King were violated,
Tourism industry loses 20,000 employees to international recruiters
Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett has expressed concern that the local tourism industry is losing workers.   Speaking during a
Public Defender says Nzinga King should be compensated
The Public Defender has found that the constitutional rights of Rastafarian woman Nzinga King were violated, in relation to claims that
Gas prices up as supplies tighten
Petrojam has announced an increase in the prices of some petroleum products supplied by the refinery.   The price of 87 and 90
Suspect held in relation to the murder of a Papine high student
Police have taken a suspect into custody in relation to the shooting death of a Papine High School student in Liguanea, this morning
PM Holness tells visiting royals that Jamaica intends to cut ties with Britain
Prime Minister Andrew Holness has again made it clear, that the government intends to follow through on the wishes of the populace, and
Two Westmoreland men shot and killed, a third wounded
Three men were shot, two of them fatally, in Highgate, Westmoreland, last night.   Dead are 22-year-old Nicholas Warlock and
Major backlog in surgical procedures at the nation’s hospitals
A major backlog in surgical procedures has developed at the nation’s public hospitals.   The situation developed due in part
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