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Local investigators seek FBI’s assistance in multi-million dollar SSL fraud probe
  Local investigators have sought the assistance of the Federal Bureau of Investigations, FBI in the probe into the multi-million
New Financial Services Commission board appointed
A new Financial Services Commission, FSC, Board has been appointed.   This following a multi million dollar fraud at investment
Westmoreland residents assured that repair work will start soon on Sheffield main road
Member of Parliament for Westmoreland Western, Morland Wilson is assuring residents of Sheffield in the parish, that repair work is to
Kingston Western police ramping up efforts to end turf war between residents of Tivoli Gardens and Denham Town
The Kingston Western police are ramping up efforts to put an end to an alleged turf war between some residents of Tivoli Gardens and
Four firearms seized in St. James within the last 24 hours
  Four firearms were seized in St. James within the last 24 hours.   The weapons were seized in separate security operations.
Some Manchester business operators say 62-hour curfew is affecting their sales
The imposition of a 62-hour curfew in sections of Manchester has reportedly hampered some business operations, especially food
Opposition concerned that gov’t is not doing enough to address the working conditions of security guards
The Opposition People’s National Party is expressing concern that the government is not doing enough to address the working conditions
Prime Minister Holness breaks silence on fraud case at SSL
  Prime Minister Andrew Holness has echoed comments made by the Finance Minister about transparency, accountability and the need
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