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The University of the West Indies UWI is to conduct an island wide survey on behalf of the Technology Ministry to determine why the
Bush fire inaccessible to fire fighters
  A fire continues to burn in the hills of ST Andrew, however fire fighters say it is in an area that is inaccessible to fire
Mass meeting of bus operators scheduled
A mass meeting of bus operators who operate in the Kingston Metropolitan Transport Region has been scheduled for this afternoon . The
IRIE TALK : Your Views
In This Week’s Edition of “Your Views”  IRIE FM News Asked … Should teachers and other government workers
IRIE TALK : Your Views
In YOUR VIEWS,  IRIE FM News asked ,  Is the Postal Service still relevant and when was the last time, you used the post office ?
Little girl’s body found in barrel in St Elizabeth
The Santa Cruz Police in ST Elizabeth are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a little girl in Grosmond District
Justice minister says small ganja farmers to be protected .
Justice Minister Mark Golding says the government will not agree to any arrangement that would  see multilateral companies take over
Former PM urges Jamaicans to protect projects from violence
Former Prime Minister P J Patterson is urging Jamaicans to stand against hooliganism and violence and protect infrastructure  projects.