Former PNP Leader Dr. Peter Phillips expresses support for Senator Donna Scott Mottley in her bid for one of Party’s Vice President posts

by June 28th, 2022

Former leader of the People’s National Party (PNP) Dr. Peter Phillips has expressed support for member Senator Donna Scott Mottley, in her bid for one of the Party’s Vice President posts.


Senator Scott Mottley who is the Spokesperson on Justice and Information had declared her intention to become one of the Party’s four Vice Presidents.


Speaking at the PNP’s Hagley Park Divisional Conference on Sunday (June 26) Dr. Phillips urged members to support Senator Scott Mottley, noting that she has contributed greatly to the Party.

Noting that his son and Member of Parliament for Manchester North Western, Mikael Phillips is also vying for one of the posts, Dr. Phillips said one of his duties is to support his son’s decisions.


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